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Molokai is Hawaii’s second smallest populated island and features three distinct regions to explore. Hawaii’s fifth-largest island, Molokai is only 38 miles long and 10 miles across at its widest point, an is home to the highest sea cliffs in the world. 

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West End Molokai

Molokai for a quiet retreat featuring some of the state’s largest and least visited beaches, you won’t find traffic lights, neon signs, fast food outlets, or anything taller than an island palm tree. The small plantation town of Maunaloa offers unique shopping.

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Central Molokai

Molokai often called the "Friendly Island" and known as Hawaii's most island for its under developed and laid-back island vibe. Legend has it that it is also the birthplace of the Hawaiian art of hula, one of the most integral parts of Hawaiian culture.

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East End Molokai

Undiscovered country and natural wonders abound on Molokai’s East End and is home to isolated beaches, ancient fishponds, a magnificent coastline, splendid ocean views,historic churches and timeless natural beauty.

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