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About Molokai

The island has been known both for developments by Molokai Ranch on much of the island, for pineapple production, cattle ranching and tourism. Imagine the Hawaii of the past. 

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Molokai Arts & Culture

History’s roots run deep on Molokai, from 13th century Hawaiian Fishponds to the living classroom of historical sites, the oldest known Hawaiian settlement on Molokai occurred in Halawa Valley. 

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Molokai Historical Places

Molokai is home to one Heritage Site of Hawaii. Kalaupapa Lookout at the Palaau State Park is an overlook that features an amazing view of Molokai’s north coast and Kalaupapa National Historical Park.

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Molokai Weather & Maps

Weather in Molokai is very consistent, with only minor changes in temperature throughout the year. Year round temperatures average around 75º F (23.9º C). Temperatures at night are approximately 10º F lower than during the warmer days. 

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Molokai 7 Day Itinerary

If you’re staying a few days on Molokai, go on a scenic adventure by booking a mule ride down into Kalaupapa National Historical Park. This remote settlement has a fascinating, living history. Then take a day to explore the West End of Molokai home to Maunaloa town, the west coast features Papohaku Beach, one of Hawaii’s largest white sand beaches. 

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Molokai Quick Facts

Unspoiled country and untouched beaches. No skyscrapers or stoplights. The chance to truly live as the locals do. That’s the Molokai of today. Aloha wear is acceptable everywhere, so you may want to plan on buying an aloha shirt or a muumuu (a Hawaiian-style dress) while you're in the islands.

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Molokai Travel Tips

Here you will find travel tips and info to help you have an enjoyable Aloha stay on Molokai Island, from what items you can bring into the Islands, transportation, accommodation, things to do, attractions to adventurous tours.

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FAQs Molokai

When you are planning your vacation to the Molokai Islands we are sure you have many questions to ask. 

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