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Here you will find information about Kauai, Island culture, historical places, beaches, weather & maps, quick facts, travel tips and FAQs to help plan your exciting Hawaii vacation.

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About Kauai

Visiting the island of Kauai is like a journey back in time, right back to the beginning of the main Hawaiian chain. Kauai is an island full of amazing splendor, raw beauty and is Hawaii’s fourth largest island and is sometimes called the “Garden Isle”. 

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Kauai Arts & Culture

Explore beyond Kauai’s luxurious resorts to experience the true culture of Kauai. Kauai is full of rich and varied cultural experiences, from fiery luaus, local theater performers, songs, dance, music, language, food, and the islands native arts. 

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Kauai Historical Places

Known for its distinctive traditions and culture, you can learn more about Kauai by visiting the Kauai Museum or Grove Farm Museum in Lihue, the Waioli Mission House in Hanalei Town and the Kokee Natural History Museum on the West Side. 

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Kauai Weather & Maps

Kauai offers seven distinct micro-climates, from lush interior spots to arid areas on the West Side. Mount Waialeale (elevation 5,148 ft) is at the heart of Kauai's uninhabited interior and is a quintessential rain forest with over 400-inches of rain per year. 

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Kauai 7 Day Iternary

When it comes to short stays on Kauai, your schedule will depend greatly on where you’ll be staying. Wherever you stay you’ll be close to one of Kauai’s incredible beaches, from Hanalei Bay on the North Shore to Poipu Beach Park on the South Shore.

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Kauai Quick Facts

Kauai has several amazing National Parks, historical sites, waterfalls, rivers, and cliffs. Aloha wear is acceptable everywhere, an aloha shirt or a muumuu (Hawaiian style dress) while you're in the islands.

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Kauai Travel Tips

Here you will find travel tips and information to help you have an enjoyable Aloha stay on the Kauai Island, from what items you can bring into the Islands, transportation, accommodation, things to do, attractions to adventurous tours.

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FAQs Kauai

When you are planning your vacation to the Kauai Islands we are sure you have many questions to ask.

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